Entheos academy came to existence to meet the client’s desires for quality education. Apart from including educations, they strive to uphold all their core values in every aspect of their service delivery. They work while withholding leadership, excellence, and service as their three main pillars, which create the foundation for other core values of education.

All core values are incorporated in every aspect of the school, its staff members, and the entire team that joins the school.

Students, families, and anybody willing to be part of the Entheos academy must be ready to live as per the core value and work towards realizing the institution’s goals.

Why core values are essential to the Entheos academy

Like other organizations, the academy has core values to give direction and a sense of belonging. All the rules and regulations come from the core values of education. Values of education create wisdom and ensure that learners are treated according to the values which shape their professionalism. They are the guiding steps that allow people to offer the best services to individuals they serve as they raise their standards.

Core values are practical. They give an institution a higher purpose your serve while aiming at more excellent performance. As the institution grow, it strives to ensure the values remain well and live.

Entheos academy core values in education

  • Excellence

The institution believes that their teacher goes through a challenge. For every challenge, they should rise and prove their worth beyond their expectations.

  • Service

The institution believes in service as a leadership obligation. They incorporate their service classroom a community as an integral part of their study curriculum.

  • Leadership

The institution believes in nurturing students’ leadership skills which will transform the world tomorrow.

  • Enthusiasm

The institution believes that learning is voluntary. They, therefore, create a conducive environment for the learners to induce their learning passion and value education.

  • Respect

The institution believes that people have their values. Teachers and students respect each other, self, and property. They also uphold respect through their communication, actions, and dress code.

  • Individuality

The institution believes that each learner is unique with varied capabilities. They tailor their teaching mode to suit every learner’s individual needs.

  • Integrity

The institution believes in diligence, accountability, and honesty.

  • Patriotism

The institution cultivates love for their country at a tender edge. They teach their learners the culture of their founding fathers of the united states of America.

  • Adventure

The institution appreciates that outdoor activities enable individuals to gain courage, teamwork, perseverance, companionship, craftsmanship, and the power to discover their hidden potential.

  • Family

The institution appreciates the role of the family as a basic unit essential in rearing children. Its services have integrated programs that services society and families. They formulate education and policies that strengthen and serve families. In case of a conflicting curriculum, the family’s opinion comes first.


At the end of every teaching activity, an educator should look back and count the achievement they have made. You can never realize your achievement without looking at the core values you have been operating under them. Every institution needs core values which are the guiding steps in their service delivery. Administrators must use the core values in formulating rules and regulation that governs service delivery. Entheos Academy is an example of an institution that upholds values in education.