Entheos academy schedule their classwork to be more rigorous with substantial courses that need more concentration and effort for better performance. a top grade at the institution is not a mere A letter. It is a true reflection of hard work and determination in several academic-related aspects. It combines classwork, exams, co-curricular activity, and performance in the student’s assignment. Students receive their grades after a thorough evaluation of crucial education competencies.

Every student gets the academic rubric to learn what they need to work on for a good grade.

Policy for homework in high school

Homework at Entheos Academy is not like any other traditional assignments students do at home. It is actual classwork. The institution allows the learner to read and understand the concept they could get while attending a conversational class while in school. Instead of writing notes and listening to the teacher in class, they can read independently and bring what they learn in class.

The assignments are designed to help you prepare for the next class. Not attending to the work means that you will not enjoy the following lesson.

Entheos academy schedule and academic plans

The institution believes that high school education is to expose you to different responsibilities. You get a career mentor who helps you set your career goals and support you in achieving them. After completing your studies, your career guide supports you in finding possible places for apprenticeships or internships that match your career goals and interests.

You receive professional mentorships and facilitation while setting your career goals and close monitoring to help you meet your career goals.

Involvement of guardians in school programs

Parents play a crucial role in students’ performance. Entheos academy’s schedule integrates parents as key players in their students’ performance. The institution offer opportunity for students to learn at home. Parents meet with the teachers to plan on how they can make homes conducive for homework.

Parents don’t need to write the assignment for students while at home. Their role is to provide a supportive environment and track the deadline so that their students don’t delay their work. They are trained to help support a smooth flow of the learning process from school to home.

Life at the high school

The academy provides a conducive environment where learners gain knowledge from both their peers and educators. They have friendly forums where students discuss and learn from one another through debates and engaging class discussions. Leaners engage one another with respect and social conversations that support the learning process.

Support for personalized learning

The institution supports personalized learning for students interested in the programs. They encourage seniors to develop their projects and present them to the faculty supervisor. They get directions on how to work together in their projects and timelines for each activity. Students submit the finished project at the end, including the new lesson learned for a review.


Entheos Academy has the best program, which allows students to develop both career and life skills. They have a conducive learning environment and teaching methodology that favors individualized studies.